Eating Independence

Knork 4 Pack

Knork 4 Pack

The challenge of eating with a fork in one and and a knife in the other is no longer a problem because all you’ll ever need is the Knork.   A revolutionary knife-fork, this utensil combines the needed features of each utensil into a sleek bodied, easy to handle accessory for anyone who needs ease in slicing their edibles.

Ergonomically sound for right and left-handed users, the Knork offers ease in its grip.  Designed with smooth and deliberate beveled tines, the combo cutlery is conducive to rocking back and forth to slice foods.

A must have item for those who need extra care when eating, the Knork restores dignity and enhances the culinary experience in the company of dinner guests.  It’s also a great accessory for travelers and modernists who enjoy simplicity in flatware.

Get back to the basics and experience independence when eating.   Savor each bite of a delicious meal!

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