Relax Wrinkles Away, While You Sleep!

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to look youthful, relaxed and refreshed … that’s why it’s called “beauty sleep.”

If you are like some of us, however, you might wake up with wrinkles and expression lines that give you an aging appearance. The cause could be from sleeping on your side, or from making facial expressions as you sleep, or from pressing your face against a pillow.

Restore the Smooth Skin of the Décolletage

Women who sleep on their side may wake with deep creases and wrinkles on their chest. Over time, these wrinkles will become deeper and give your skin an aged appearance.

Chest-A-Peel is a pillow-pad that you can wear to bed, that adheres directly to the skin of the décolletage. When worn nightly, Chest-A-Peel prevents new wrinkles from forming. Chest-A-Peel keeps your skin looking more smooth and firm, for a youthful appearance.

Smooth Away Facial Wrinkles, Re-training Your Muscles

Unlike wrinkle creams that are applied to the skin’s surface, Frownies Facial Patches actually fight wrinkles by holding facial muscles smooth and relaxed. Frownies Facial Patches can be applied to areas where wrinkles naturally form: the corners of the eyes and mouth, and the forehead. When worn to bed, Frownies Facial Patches prevent you from making the facial expressions that can lead to wrinkles.

Frownies Facial  Patches can be worn for just 30 minutes, whenever you feel your look could use a “lift.” Under eye circles and fine lines can make you look tired and worn. Energize your appearance with active ingredients that rebuild collagen, tighten the skin, and lighten dark circles.

Wake up looking as refreshed as you feel!

Recommended Products:  Chest-A-Peel or Frownies for Forehead and Between Eyes and and  Frownies for Corners of  Eyes and Mouth.

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