Trabasack for Independence!

Trabasack Curve

It’s for plane, train, and automobiles! Fly like a bird, and let this new concept lap tray make your mobility as easy as it can be! The Trabasack is a multi-purpose personal accessory that adds functionality to people in all sorts of ways. In the home and on the go, the Trabasack will help you be more independent.

From assisted living needs to simply traveling comfortably, Trabasack is the superstar of lap trays as it doubles as a travel bag, which easily hangs on the back of your wheelchair or off your shoulder. This ingenious lap tray can even be utilized as a backpack, with all your necessities packed inside.

The tray sits comfortably on your lap, creating a flat surface that makes writing, eating and any leisure activity easy. The “bean bag” bottom side lies on your lap smoothly! For anyone who uses a wheelchair, this is a great accessory since it’s functional and easily stored on the back of the chair.

Trabasack offers three designs: The Original Curve, Curve Connect and the Mini Trabasack. The Original and Curve Connect offer an ergonomic Trabasackcurve that hugs the body’s contours and fits snuggly against your waist. The Mini is a perfect rectangle that can accommodate your flat surface needs too.

Aside from the flat surface, there is also an optional Connect Surface feature for the Curve and Mini! Use the “hook”or small Velcro technology to attach anything you’d like – your laptop, cellphone, remote control, notebook, toys or anything else you need to be stationary. This attachment feature is perfect for anyone who needs assistance in keeping items secure, such as people with physical limitations and children. The Trabasack Original features a vinyl surface.

Trabasack begs to be used in creative ways, for everyone! Great for you, your friends or your toddlers in the stroller! No matter where your journeys take you, let your Trabasack lead the way in independence, comfort and productivity!

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