Baby Foot Easy Pack

Baby Foot Easy Pack

Baby Foot Easy Pack

Baby Foot Easy Pack is a new hot item for your feet!

A gentle exfoliator, the Easy Pack, peels away the feet’s dead skin so that feet lovers say “wow!”

This genius product from Japan uses fruit acids to help metabolize dead skin so it peels away and encourages newer, fresher skin to generate in its place.  The best part is that the Easy Pack has a no mess, no fuss application.

Simply place your feet in the Easy Pack booties for two hours (perhaps while you watch a movie, telephone a friend or check emails), then rinse your feet and pat dry.  In one quick week, your soles will peel.

Simple and convenient in your home, Baby Foot Easy Pack is e-a-s-y to use.

Wow!  Your feet will be soft like a baby’s foot.

Purchase your Baby Foot Easy Pack here.

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