Breathe deeply and sleep soundly, by keeping CPAP equipment clean

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Trabasack for Independence!

Trabasack Curve

It’s for plane, train, and automobiles! Fly like a bird, and let this new concept lap tray make your mobility as easy as it can be! The Trabasack is a multi-purpose personal accessory that adds functionality to people in all sorts of ways. In the home and on the go, the Trabasack will help you be more independent. [Read more...]

Baby Foot Easy Pack

Baby Foot Easy Pack

Baby Foot Easy Pack

Baby Foot Easy Pack is a new hot item for your feet!

A gentle exfoliator, the Easy Pack, peels away the feet’s dead skin so that feet lovers say “wow!”

This genius product from Japan uses fruit acids to help metabolize dead skin so it peels away and encourages newer, fresher skin to generate in its place.  The best part is that the Easy Pack has a no mess, no fuss application. [Read more...]