A World of Wipes Offers an Easy Step towards Better Health

Washing HandsOne of the best things you can do for our health is to keep your body and your personal items clean. This means keeping up a regular hygiene routine, and maintaining a clean and sanitary environment where harmful bacteria and germs can’t flourish. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, frequent hand washing is the best way to cut down on the transmission of illnesses and infections.  Since hand washing isn’t always practical, cleansing wipes are a convenient alternative.

In addition to keeping your body clean and refreshed, it’s also important to keep your environment germ-free. Items that are frequently used and touched should be regularly cleaned with sanitizing agents. Some examples of items that are frequently touched and could harbor germs include exercise equipment, health equipment, jewelry and eyeglasses, remote controls, doorknobs and handles, telephones and computer keyboards. Public facilities, gyms and hotels get a lot of use from many people and often are not adequately cleaned.

It’s important to safeguard your health, especially if you are vulnerable to infection. Here are some tips for keeping clean and preventing illness:

• Wash hands frequently with warm water and soap.
• Avoid touching your face, especially nose and mouth, with your hands.
• Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you can’t wash your hands.
• Keep clothing and personal items clean with frequent washing and cleansing.
• Clean your home regularly, especially kitchen and bathroom.
• Change cleaning sponges regularly.
• Never share eating utensils, drinking glasses or cosmetics with others.
• Use cleansing wipes to sanitize items that are frequently touched or used.

Keep yourself and your environment clean, with the convenience of ‘World of Wipes’ broad range of purpose wipes, from anti-bacterial hand, fitness, foot and make up remover wipes to furniture, glass, floor and all-purpose wipes.  It’s the simple way to achieve better health!

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