Take care of your feet, with the Avivo Shower Sandal

Avivo Shower Sandal

Avivo Shower Sandal in-use

Taking good care of our feet is vital to our health and well-being. Our feet support our weight, move us from place to place, and absorb the shock of hard surfaces. Yet, they are often the most neglected and abused part of our body.

Good cleaning is essential for optimum foot health. Inadequate cleaning can lead to problems like foot odors, buildup of excess dead skin, and even bacterial and fungal infections. Infections of the skin can lead to even more serious health problems.

People with diabetes, who are at especially high risk for infections of the feet, must take special care to keep their feet clean at all times.

Cleaning the feet is challenging for those with limited mobility. Many people have difficulty bending over to do this. In the slippery, wet environment of the shower or bathtub, this task could become quite dangerous. The elderly, overweight, diabetics, pregnant women, people with injuries, those recovering from surgery, or people who have had hip or knee replacements, often need help cleaning their feet.

For people who want to thoroughly clean their feet, without the pain or danger of bending over, the Avivo Shower Sandal is the perfect solution.

Designed for use in the shower or tub, the Avivo Shower Sandal resembles a slipper-type shoe, made of durable hard plastic, lined with nylon brush bristles on the footbed and on the top part of the sandal, for scrubbing the feet.

The sandal has suction cups on the bottom, to affix it to the floor of the shower, or, if using it while lying in the bathtub, it can be affixed to a tiled wall. Simply wet your foot, squirt a bit of liquid soap onto the top of your foot, and slip your foot into the shower sandal. Moving your foot back and forth in the sandal across the brush bristles, the Avivo Shower Sandal scrubs and lathers your foot completely, all over every part of your foot, even the toes and in between the toes. The Avivo Shower Sandal stays securely in place. Do this first with one foot, then the other. Then remove your foot from the Avivo Shower Sandal, and rinse the soap off. If using the product in the standing position, it is recommended that you are holding onto a secure handrail, for extra stability.

The Avivo Shower Sandal lathers and scrubs the feet quickly and easily. The ergonomically-designed, contoured footbed curls up slightly in the toe area. This positions the brush bristles at the optimum angle to scrub the tips of the toes and to get in between the toes (the most difficult parts of the feet to get clean).

Using the Avivo Shower Sandal is a wonderfully pleasurable and luxurious cleansing experience. Washcloths, sponges, and loofahs simply do not exfoliate the skin and scrub away dirt as easily, quickly and thoroughly as the Avivo Shower Sandal, especially in the hard to reach areas in between the individual toes. The Avivo Shower Sandal’s brush bristles also create a rich soapy lather, to deep clean the feet.

There are thousands of nerve endings in our feet, and the Avivo Shower Sandal’s soft brush bristles gently stimulate and massage them, improving circulation and making feet feel relaxed, refreshed and pampered.

The Avivo Shower Sandal is easy to keep clean and sanitary. Because it is made of durable hard plastic, it doesn’t harbor harmful bacteria, the way that loofahs, sponges and washcloths do. To clean it, simply rinse it well with hot water and let it air dry. The footbed even flexes, so you can get in between all the brush bristles. Multiple perforations in the footbed allow for good drainage and quick drying. The Avivo Shower Sandal is even safe to wash in the dishwasher or washing machine.

The Avivo Shower Sandal is a well-made, thoughtfully-designed, durable and high-quality product that is simple to use and keep clean and hygienic, and takes up very little space. This is a terrific enhancement to anyone’s shower or bathing routine. This easy to care for product is sure to last a long time and bring much satisfaction and enjoyment.

The Avivo Shower Sandal is perfect for people of all ages, in all states of health and mobility, and is safe, easy and sanitary to use. It is especially recommended for the elderly, diabetics and people with limited mobility, who are not able to bend down to clean their feet. To keep your feet as clean and healthy as possible and feeling their best, the Avivo Shower Sandal is a must-have product.

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