Ergonomically-Designed Crutches for Better Mobility

CrutchesIn the past, having limited mobility meant having to use devices that could potentially cause discomfort, pain or even injury.

Take crutches, for example. People with leg injuries were forced to use one-size fits-all crutches that were gripped by the hands and held in place at the underarm. The problem with this design is that putting so much pressure and weight on this part of the body causes the arm to become sore, and cuts off circulation. This actually impedes the ability to use the arm to grip the crutch properly. Bruising and pain can result from use of these crutches. People who use these types of crutches must stop to rest often to restore proper recirculation of blood to their arms. [Read more...]

A World of Wipes Offers an Easy Step towards Better Health

Washing HandsOne of the best things you can do for our health is to keep your body and your personal items clean. This means keeping up a regular hygiene routine, and maintaining a clean and sanitary environment where harmful bacteria and germs can’t flourish. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, frequent hand washing is the best way to cut down on the transmission of illnesses and infections.  Since hand washing isn’t always practical, cleansing wipes are a convenient alternative. [Read more...]